Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few Deadly Traps

I was watching some old and wonderful kung fu movies from the Shaw Brothers, and stumbled on The Five Venoms series. And now, introducing, a few deadly traps from The Kid with the Golden Arm.

The Poison Needles - Having come to a logical resting place in the wilderness midway or so between the two towns our hero's men have a seat. Only to die. The wooden logs are invested with scores of poison needles that cause instant death. No crying out, just sit and die. Mean. Stepping forward on the path to get away from that spot was a bad idea however. Two more die. The ground itself is also peppered with poison needles. Very mean.

The Poison Water Bucket - Having made it to the next town our heroes find it quite empty of citizens. They've been chased away by the rival gang. And the entire town has been booby-trapped. After a long journey over rough terrain it's time to quench your thirst at the town inn. But only if you want to die. The water in the buckets has been poisoned. Damn. Two more henchmen lost.

The Poison Torch Holders - In the town's main inn our heroes think that all is well since they are going to eat only their own food, and drink only their own water... and even use only their own torches. Little do they realize but the torch holders themselves are the trap. The metal of the holders has a bi-thermal element which heats up and expands - releasing the holder's hollow tube and the deadly red-gas sprays into the room. A nasty and repulsive death for those who can not leap out through the windows fast enough.

The Poison Chests - It's not what you think. The chests do not have poison needle locks. That would be too obvious. The entire chests themselves are poisoned and anyone who touches them dies a horrible agonizing death. Mwahahahaha.

Now I'm not saying that Gamesmasters should flood their worlds with deadly poison traps. But having a few available for special occasions such as when the government gold supply is being brought to the famine wracked town, can be a very handy way of weeding out the henchmen from the Heroes. Arch-villains can be ruthless, you know.

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