Friday, September 04, 2009

The Plot Thickens

Things are well here in Elthosia. I've taken off the week to work on bug-squashing the ODS Web Application. It's a tough slog. I find things wrong that I had *absolutely no clue* were wrong. And then squash them. So it's a slog, but not one without rewards. Nothing beats a good bug-stomp on your week off. Well, ok. I admit, there's tons of things in life that beat that. But what if you had nothing else to do? Eh... I think I'm not doing my case any favors with this line, am I?

Anyway, it goes well. I am down to the last dregs of bugs on the Big Bad Bugs To Kill list. Which means I only have the secret hidden covert and malignant ones to dig up and crush (mercilessly).

The actual good news is that I'm actually now getting to the point where I can (safely) build Worlds, Characters, Places, Campaigns, Adventures and populate treasure troves and all that neat stuff in the application itself. That means that I'm now rapidly approaching the point where I can start creating actual stories in the Elthos System. And so the next hard part is soon to begin. How to convert the myriads of story ideas in my head into lovely, well organized, game materials using the Elthos ODS Web App? Ahhh... I look forward to that. I really do.


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