Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Call for Elthos RPG Online Beta Testers

The Elthos ODS Web Application is for Gamesmasters who want a medium to light weight RPG with computer support that helps them run and maintain their Game Worlds.

I'm looking for a few good Role Players to Beta Test the Elthos RPG, kick around on the "One Die System" Web Application, and report back their findings. The Web Application has two basic functions, World Weaver's Development Studio, and the Gamesmaster's Toolbox, which can be read about in more detail here:

Elthos ODS Web Application.

I am ready to open up slots for Beta Testers, starting with 4 and adding gradually so as to not overwhelm the poor programmer who will be responding to bug reports and feature requests. More Beta Testers will be added over time.

Note: Beta Testers who provide feedback will get a Free 3 Year Membership to the site. All you need to do is provide three or more posts with your observations, suggestions, and/or bug reports on the Elthos RPG Forum and you'll be elegable for the Free 3 Year Membership.

As a Beta Tester you should be willing to take a look at the site, logon to the Elthos ODS Web Application, download the Elthos ODS Rules Book (PDF, 30 pages), build out a bit of your world, roll some characters and arrange them in Adventure Groups, create a campaign or two, an adventure or two, and print out the various character sheets, and adventure materials for a game. I'm mostly interested in how well the Web Application works for Gamesmasters at this point, so that's the focus, but of course any and all feedback is welcome on any aspect of the website and/or Elthos ODS Rules. What interests me the most currently are the Usability and User Friendliness aspects of the Web Application.

If you would like to become a Beta Tester please email me at:

vbwyrde @

with this information:

- First Name
- Last Name
- The Name of your World
- A brief description of your World

I will then create a proto-World for you to build out for yourself and your players, and send you your user name and password for the system. In the meantime you can take a look at the site here:

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