Monday, February 01, 2010

Tinkering with the Look

I have been tinkering away on the web application, and I think it's coming along well. Lately I've decided to work on the look-n-feel and so having received some helpful feedback I've made some improvements. One thing I noticed is that when it comes to look-n-feel people have different tastes. What one person says is fantastic another says is awful. So how can anyone come up with a site that looks good to everyone? Well, there probably is no way to do that, and so we have a concept of site themes which allow users to select their own look-n-feel. That is coming along well, but in order to make it work I have to revamp the pages to take out my specific colors and styles and introduce ones that will be gotten from the cascading style sheets. Since I haven't done much with CSS before this is a learning experience for me. Its interesting, but there's a lot to learn. The good news is that I'm making good progress on it, and soon will be able to update the site with customizable interfaces. Another thought is to allow users to upload their own CSS sheets, but I'm not sure about that idea yet. Maybe. Anyway, I'm pleased with the progress. I think people will appreciate this aspect.

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