Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Proof Trolls Are Real

Some people don't believe that trolls actually exist in the real world. The blind fools! Of course they do. And now there is finally actual cinematographic proof!

Here is your proof, if any were needed:

Don't be a fool. Remember to bring your torch and oil with you. Trolls are a serious threat, and should not be taken lightly!

You may also like to educate yourself regarding trolls with this factual and highly informative guide:

Everything you ever need to know about Trolls, but where afraid to google

One time in a certain campaign in the old glory days we ran across an invisible 6 armed Cave Troll trapped in a 20x20' stone room into which was a thin 3' corridor that the troll could not escape through. Needless to say he was hungry as hell and in a perpetual bad mood sitting on top of his pile of gold and jewels. Needless to say our thief did not fare so well. We watched somewhat helplessly as he lifted into the air and was torn asunder in a few moments. Our Paladin felt compelled to follow after him to Avenge the unrighteous death, but even his magical armor was no match and he was crushed like a soda can. We left. Oh well. Our wizard made a sign and put it up on the wall next to the corridor "Warning: Invisible Cave Troll". When we came back that way a few years later the sign was still there... but had been turned invisible. Very annoying. I don't think we ever discovered who the evil wizard was who was responsible... but if we ever do... we'll be sure to back away slowly and run like hell.

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