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Harrowsgate Village Map

The village of Harrowsgate is located between Lilac Village and The Ravines. A road south from Harrowsgate leads to Grizzly Falls Hamlet. Heading West leads to the Ravines.  This map shows the Southern half of Harrowsgate Village, where the Battle of Black Dragon Inn is currently taking place in the Elthos RPG Game-Test Story The Mysteries Unfolding at Harrowsgate.

Harrowsgate - South Village Map

Harrowsgate South
Harrowsgate Village South

Tactical Close-Up Map of Mule Barn

Tactical Close-Up Map of Mule Barn - 2nd Story Loft

Notes to the players:

The loft has several large piles of hay, about 20 tied bales, and a few rakes that are used to move it. It also has some old crates you can see from below.

The upper left hand corner of the 1st story shows a room with a doorway. The doorway is open and has no door. There are tools in there, such as crow bars, shovels, and the like, but no one has gone in there yet except Chickenhiemer and Turkenator who seem to have inspected every corner of the barn at one point or another if you think about it.

There is also the room at the bottom of the Barn map with two sets of double doors. That's the carriage room where the mules are hitched to wagons. No one has gone in there yet, and at the moment the double doors are closed, but the layout of a mule barn is well understood by Hermel, and he can intuit what is in there. A carriage if any are there, and tools to fix wagons, maybe some equipment along those lines. Probably.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Also, you may want to get together between now and next time yourselves and discuss. The situation, as far as you can tell, is definitely the most dangerous you've encountered so far. The barn is on fire, smoke is filling the place rapidly making it hard to see (visibility will go to 1 foot in 3 or 4 more melees, and cause eye problems (-2 AL) and choking (-1 LP / Melee). In the street you know a number of figures were moving, and if they are at all organized then they have at least 1 dectalion of men. Golden Sparrow, if you choose to believe her, said there were more men at the Inn that remained unseen. She also mentioned that the town guard were defeated by the Brigands a week prior, so calling for help may not produce satisfactory results.

Your GM recommends highly that you get together and plan out your strategy. Remember also, you do not know what their capabilities are in terms of Mystic Powers, but it would be unsafe, and unwise to conclude that they have none.

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