Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Few Thoughts on Mini-System RPGs

I'm going to cobble this together as a Blog Post for the record because I think it's an interesting point regarding Mini-Systems.   Originally this was intended to be a response to a blog post, but Google+ posted it as a new thread to my public stream.  Mmm... okay.   So here's the google+ post for reference:

The responses were interesting.  I want to encapsulate and paraphrase the main points here.
Naturally, it is an each to his own hobby.  
That said, what I like about my Elthos RPG Mini-System is speed of play.  
Bannister commented that he doesn't like Low Stats Systems ... "I can't fathom a character in a distilled system that can match anything except generic Hero Archetypes...  most players don't like to use it for character creation. too bland."
As far as it limiting players ability to define their characters, we've found to opposite to be true here.  My players enjoy the flexibility of loosely defined non-critical attributes, and role play their characters based on their personality and goals, rather than attributes and class.  The speed of play aspect is of such a benefit that I feel that the advantages far out-weight the disadvantages.  But again, each to his own.  I would say this is not the game for those who are very focused on technical rules of the game, but rather for those who enjoy a certain amount of gamism, but also, and possibly a little bit more, enjoy the story aspect.  The system leaves a lot to the creativity of the players by keeping the rules flexible and simple.  When questions arise, the GM adjudicates.  That's the nature of it, and it works well for my group.  Nothing at all against your group or your style of play, of course.  It's all good, as long as people are having fun.
Nuff said.  Just wanted to record this for future reference, least it get lost in the Great Google+ Miasma, since I think its' an interesting point.  

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