Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't Split The Party They Said...

This is a rough sketch map of Whitewode Village.

The green circles are the various groups that the party has split into, some of whom are quite far away by now (such as Star of Justice and Laraby Jones) who are quite off this map by several miles at least. I think pretty much every time they had a chance to decide they said, "Ok let's split the party."

Meanwhile, a troll rumbled through town earlier.  He was seen carrying a large heavy sack over his shoulder.  He lumbered up town in the direction of the Crow's Nest Saloon. 

Old Reverend Russel has not been seen since the door of White Church was shadowed over by the witches of Whitewode but moments ago.  The dishordant song was sung to the last dregs, until no sound was heard.  The Reverend's whereabouts, unknown.

Hermel and Grasshopper escaped to the Library where they are entertaining / holding captive (for her own safety) old Reverend Russel's granddaughter Patricia Russel.  The music stops suddenly and there is a palpable silence.

Down in the old down Delvin, Bantum and Lido have found a broken doll in the street, along with a dreadful shadow on the wall.  The doll was that of Sylvia, the owner of the Black Raven Inn.  No more will she sing her old song, that one.  The doll and she are broken.  And a shadow stretches from the doll across the street and up an old barn's wall impossibly high.  A shadow that devours Delvin's Life Experience when he touches it, leaving him suddenly weakened with blood running cold.

Untaka was waiting patiently for Praymar.  He stood outside the prison window, far below on the narrow pass just this side of the Toll Troll's Cave.  Gray Warden, his wife, and his daughter wait with Untaka, having come so far and unwilling to leave Praymar's side.  They wait patiently.  Until the Troll passed them by in his way into town.

Then there are Arik, Praymar and little Mary Higgins.  They  are on their way to rescue her from her lonely Study Hall. They think so.  Earthwalking is always a bit of a risky business though.  Especially when the walls of the prison are imbued with protective magics.  So watch out for that first step ... oh byeee.

And finally, far off yonder below in the nether caverns great and wide, are Star of Justice and Laraby Jones, who first branched off to explore the strangely illuminated temple in the forest of dimly luminescent crystal pillars.  The air is dry and smouldering, the bird's wings catch fire is they fly through the air.  The skin begins to crack, the face and hands are covered with cinders, eyes burning and red.  Even one's cloak may catch ablaze.  But Doctor Laraby Jones wishes to forge ahead on his quest of AstroArcheological Knowledge.  And so they forge ahead toward the temple, Star of Justice against his better judgement forging forward with him, to protect his long time friend, the good Doctor Laraby Jones.

Yeah, I'd say the party is split pretty good.  Yah.

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