Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whitewode Township Tactical Map

Spoiler Alert! If you are one of my players you may want to avert your eyes from this post until the end of the Whitewode Campaign.

In addition to making Story / Plot Maps, I also, of course like to make Tactical Maps which in this case shows the layout of the North West corner of the town.  To the upper right is the infamous Black Raven Inn, and on the upper left is the Church of Whitewode, Library, and School House, as well as Reverend Russel's Pastoral Residence outside of which you can see the Player Character Group has assembled.

RPGs do happen to be the most creative and fun hobby in the World.  I think I could prove that in a court of law.

Here's an overhead view with the main locations investigated thus far labelled.

I would like to say that the RPG community has done a spectacular job creating gorgeous maps these past few years.  Absolutely gorgeous.  This is not one of those.  This is instead a purely functional Tactical Map intended for use as the primary focal point for combat and movement of groups during the final phase of the Whitewode Campaign.  It is even possible, frankly, that it may not be used very much at all, if it turns out the Party avoids the upcoming war with the Pechs and Gnolls, and slips away.  That said, I am considering how to embellish it with a bit more artistic flair.  I'm thinking of coloring in the rooves with tiles, and whatnot.  Any suggestions would be happily considered.  :)

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