Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Battle of Whitewode with TTS

Currently in the World of Elthos ...

Our heroes are still trapped in the cursed township of Whitewode as it comes under assault of the Pech Army. Praymar, the albino lizard-prince is rallying his Lizardmen forces behind the East gate. on the other side are Gnoll archers peppering the town with flaming arrows, and who have set the the main gate on fire.

Within the township Praymar has set his trap. He ignites the bonfire in front of him, and orders the Lizardmen to open the gates. He expects the Gnolls to charge in en mass, and be attacked on the flanks by his Lizardmen.

The two armies are equal in size, at 30 troops each. How will things turn out for Praymar? Stay tuned...

As for the layout here, I am using Tabletop Simulator to create the scenes.  It's a nice little piece of software from Berserk Games.  I am using it both in-house on one monitor that my group looks at, and also online with a friend who lives a few States down the East Coast, with whom we connect with via Hangouts.  I share the Tabletop Simulator via Hangouts, and have another computer with a webcam via which he can see all of us in the room, and we can see him.  It's a very functional setup, and works rather nicely to keep both Sam, and my group, engaged-as-hell in the game.  :)  If you don't mind paying about $20 bucks for Tabletop Simulator, and the associated learning curve to use it, then I do recommend giving it a try.  If you do, or are using it currently, please let me know what you think of it, and how you go about employing it for your games.  Curious to hear other people's experience with it.  Mine's been solid good thus far, despite the learning curve and relatively minor hiccups.

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