Thursday, August 08, 2019

Elthos Project - Current Progress

Just a quick note to tell you what Elthos things I've been working on lately.
  • I updated the marketing website (not exciting I know, but it is helpful to the project, so I bear with the grunt work) at to include a page for World Publishers. That page is here:
  • I updated the Elthos Projects page as well to include the Meta Game and the Elthos Tactical Board game. That page is here:
  • I've been working on Bushido World as a Mythos Machine Marketplace World and Proto-World and that's been coming along nicely, though it is not really entirely ready, I have released it as a draft on the Mythos Machine.
  • I've been also working on the Meta Game Rules for those interested in that game, and am now pretty happy with the Age of Heroes section. Next up is The Twilight Age, and then, last but not least, The End of Ages section.
  • I'm also working steadily on my first major Marketplace World called The Way of All Flesh, which is a Cosmic Sci-Fi world that is shaping up nicely and will be play tested starting the end of August.
  • I have also been tackling miscelaneous Mythos Machine Bugs, Updates and Enhancements as well. You can track those by checking out my Update Log here:
Ok, so that's the story and I'm sticking by it. 

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! Thanks!

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