Thursday, February 27, 2020

Bringing Value to the RPG Market

The other day my friend Datum (Cavin) on Discord asked me if I'd participate in a video interview with Cameron Corniuk.

This was a fun conversation that covered the question of "How do we bring value to the world of RPGs?"  We go back and forth with a lot of insights and ideas.  Wherein, btw, I mention Eric Diaz' Chaos Factory Books publication, the very cool Dark Fantasy Settings

Up Shot: The value we can add to this community is to help people to actualize their creativity with inspiration and organization for world creation.

Thanks to Datum for putting this together, and Cameron for your thought provoking ideas. Much appreciated!

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Cavin "Datum" DeJordy said...

It was awesome to make with you guys. The conversation coming together like that was completely spontaneous, just like the best parts of RPGs. We will find the value!