Friday, April 16, 2021

WoAF - Game Session 21

Major Sekston
Major Sekston
Once the team made it through Panguitch to Garfield Hospital, they found there was quite a bit of planning to be done.  It was a bit of a surprise that Dr. Rogers knew both Allen and Penelope Monroe, and it was revealed that he had been part of the very early planning phase of the Black Wind Facilities.  He'd met the two young scientists when they onboarded to the project, way back before the Ultra-War.  He had, subsequently lost contact with the project, having been assigned to other more pressing matters at the time, and then once the Ultra-War was in full gear there was little opportunity for him to find out anything at all about items that were not on his immediate task list.  The reunion was bitter sweet, however, as with the loss of her husband, Penelope's physical health and psyche had begun to deteriorate.  

Pita and Dr. Rogers took a psychic journey through Penelope's mind to see if they could find out what was going on, and discovered several of Brain V's Compulsions.  One was that she could only eat food from the Facility, and no other.  Thereby guaranteeing that if she, or the other scientists did manage to escape, they'd die of starvation.  Dr. Rogers was able to dissolve this compulsion, along with several others.  Nevertheless, Penelope's condition steadily worsened just the same.  Dr. Rogers was also able to put together a partial map of the Black Wind V facility based on what they saw in Penelope's mind.

Pita went to visit Major Sekston at the Panguitch Military Base.  She thought he came to join her team, but instead he explained the situation to Major Sekston.  She was impressed by the gravity of the situation and secured 24 hour clearance to pilot one of the Military Mechs up to the Salt Flats to take care of business.  She loads the Mech, nick named "Rhino I" with her last Thermobaric Missile, along with the usual ordinance.

Captain Samwise gets a telepathic message from Dr. Rogers.  They'd probably be better off doing a bit more planning, because as it is now, they're likely on the verge of blundering into a Doomsday Scenario.  

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