Thursday, May 08, 2014

Slorg-Vrol Island

If you happen to be a Player in the Elthos World, you probably want to avert your eyes quickly from this post, least you ruin the awesome experience of playing this scenario for yourself.  It will be fun.  Avert your eyes. 

After being thoroughly inspired by the amazing map work of Dyson Logos, I thought I would try my hand at a map which I named Slorg-Vrol Island. I tried to keep the map itself somewhat generic to the fantasy genre in filling in some of the details so that other GMs could potentially plug this into their own Campaigns and fill in the details as they see fit. I have written up my own Campaign based on this map, and it's fun and exciting enough that I intend to play it sometime. Mainly though, this was an exercise in map making.

As for the map, I did the rough outline in Microsoft Paint (latest version) using the Calligraphy Pen Brush, and added shading and the text by bringing it into Picasa and using the tools for that there.

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