Friday, May 09, 2014

Western Knights - Kau-Akai Braves

Kau-Akai Indians storming Port Kennsington
From the fertile imagination and excellent pen of Milo Barasorda‎! In the world of Western Knights, brought to us Players by the Gamesmastery of Charles Hoge, the Kau-Akai are a tribe of aboriginals to New Albion. At some point they ran into logger heads with the invading forces of The Empire. They fought a decisive battle during which their Chief used a mystical scythe to slay one of the Magnificent XII. This bodes at least somewhat well for our rebels, as at least they now know that the Pretty Magnificent XI are not completely invulnerable. All we need to do is rustle up some of them there mystical weapons! Hah!

The drawing is by the amazing Milo Barasorda

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