Thursday, February 07, 2019

Backend Updates Complete

Well this was a rigorous month for Elthos. The short and sweet update (and probably boring albeit accurate) is that most of my time since last post was spent working on cleaning up data on the back end of the Mythos Machine. It wasn't what you'd call fun, but it was satisfying in the end. Here's the raw details.

Feb 3, 2019

World Page Look & Feel
Update to the Worlds page configuration. It now allows you to go directly to the Things Management page from the Worlds Page by hovering the button Go To and clicking World Things. Earlier you had to go to the Administration Console first, which made it feel a bit confusing. Now it is more clear that Things are under Worlds.

In addition I cleaned up the way that the Expand boxes look, how they work, and their position on the page to make them less prone to triggering the Question mark hover. Additional work on coloring now separates the sections a little more clearly. In addition the Images dialog box was centered horizontally and vertically with a better coverage of its space in the div.

While seemingly minor improvements, each of these small things adds up to a better user experience overall. As we move forward I will continue to make such improvements as may seem necessary and useful.

Jan 29, 2019

World Stores Management
Earlier versions did not allow the user to delete or modify the name of the General Store, or the Body Things store. However, now they can be modified or deleted, however both of them are nevertheless required and will be recreated if they are not found in any given world. The reason for this is because in some cases two of either or both of these Stores could potentially exist (if the user inadvertently creates a duplicate) and the former method did not allow the user to clean up this kind of mistake. So now, the user can manage these stores more explicitly.

And now, thank goodness, I can get back to what I started to work on a few weeks ago ... the creation of my first Publishable World - 'The Way of All Flesh' - Space Opera of truly cosmic proportions. That said, I'm putting that on hold for a little bit while I work on creating a few smaller and more compact Worlds for the Worlds Marketplace. That's also going well. So things are happening ... even if you can't see them! Ha!

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