Friday, March 28, 2008

The Tarot Deck

Things are going along very well lately. The tarot deck is coming together, and I have even thought of a couple of new ways of using it to build back story for my world. The artist who I hired to work on the cards is really great. He's easy to work with and does really fabulous looking stuff. His name is Jason Moser. So we have the first six cards finished after approximately two months of effort. On to the next six! :D

The cards will have a series of correspondences on each one, though some of the correspondences will be variable depending on the element of the card. Here's the current list:

Elthos name of the Archetype
Roman & Greek names of the Archetype
Element (air, earth, water, fire) by color and symbol
Planet & Constellation relationship glyphs on Zodiac Wheel
Various glyphs

There's quite a few other correspondences which I'll be adding to the booklet that will form the basis of the Elthos RPG World Weaver's Guide. So things are coming along... slowly, but surely.

I've also gotten some good and helpful feedback lately from the people on theRPGSite in regards to the Elthos ODS Core Rules book, the Introduction in particular. Hopefully I can publish that piece soon!