Thursday, February 05, 2009

Seeds of Destiny

The mills of the gods grind slowly but surely.

Ineed. Now that I've gotten the website itself online (still waiting for the Lawyer to finish up on various things before I can start the "Closed Beta") I'm starting to do work on the World Weaving aspects of the Elthos RPG. Lately my old pal David has been encouraging me to focus on an idea that I didn't quite ever finish working on but showed great promise: The Seeds of Destiny.

Basically it ties in with the Cosmological System of the Elthos World, and allows Gamesmasters to run a Meta-Game which is an overview game of the cosmic history of the world. In this game the players play Elkron, aka deities, of the Elthos Universe, and create in the process (among other things) Seeds of Destiny, which Heroes seek to accomplish. If they do they get rewarded. In addition, if the Hero completes the Seed of Destiny then the Elkron who created it also gets rewarded with more power ... for the End of Ages final battle bewtween the Elkron. And *that* should be a rather interesting game!

:) Yah!