Thursday, February 17, 2022

WoAF - Game Session 29

...unfortunately the recording of this session has been lost and there is no way to recover it.  So this episode has to be transcribed from memory, which means that some of the details will be missing and it will be a relatively brief recap, without dialog.  Oh darn... 

Speeding in incredible zig-zags near the surface of the moon, Jacob was piloting the commandeered Nazi UFO, dodging the giant Robots that had taken off from within the hidden silos of Eisenhelm.  Each one was actually a protective automated machine surrounding a massive interplanetary nuclear missile.  After a series of feints, they disengaged the phalanx of 50 that was heading towards Earth, and instead engaged the ten that had taken up positions standing on the surface of the moon above Eisenhelm.  These metal behemoths were using enormously powerful plasma rays to bore molten holes into the surface of the moon.  It looked as though they intended to puncture Eisenhelm in ten locations, possibly destroying the entire fortress... or perhaps specific quadrants.  Our heroes presumed this was part of "Plan Delta-Zee" which one of the Nazi Officers had proclaimed triumphantly, before dying a cruel death at the hands of one of his own men.  Vallnam had taken charge of the weapons controls, and managed to bore a hole through the knee of one of the Robots with a perfectly aimed plasma beam.  It it fell into its own magma pool and disappeared beneath the fiery slag.  Shortly thereafter, three of the giant robots launched into the sky and engaged the heroes with an array of attacks.  One of them landed a direct hit with its plasma beam, searing the bottom of their ship into bubbling slag.  This shot took out several key systems, including the weapons targeting system, their communications antenna, and all of their lower sensor arrays.  They were flying blind and unable to target with their weapons, so any shot would have to be eyeballed, and the ship pivoted accurately to position the weapon towards the target.  The three Robots circled around for another pass.  They decided to beat a hasty retreat and land near the same hanger door that they had infiltrated on their first foray to the base.  It was inside that hanger that they discovered the UFO fleet, and managed to liberate the vessel they were currently flying.  Meanwhile, Linda was speeding there on her rocket bike from Aristarchus Crater, and expected to arrive in another 45 minutes.  Their plan at that point was to infiltrate the base, find their way to Control Room Sub-4-M3, overcome any obstacles in their way, gain access to the Robot's control Console, and enter the their Self-Destruct Sequence Codes.  Otherwise, the 40 Robots on route to Earth would deliver what could be the final blow to human civilization - 40 massive nuclear missiles landing on top of the last three major cities of Earth would be the end of it all for sure.  Our heroes were determined to prevent that at all costs!

Back on Earth Pita and Linda were speaking with the stranger from outer space.  As they were speaking, the mysterious silver haired stranger with the dark glowing gem in his forehead announced the arrival of horsemen from the north, and so retreated to his teardrop-shaped space ship and vanished without a trace.  Pita and Linda took  to their rocket bikes and quickly landed among the eastern hills in order to get off the Salt Flat where they'd have been easily surrounded.  They hoped to gain some cover among the canyons and rills along route 101. The horsemen arrived and negotiations began, with Pita directing pointed questions towards their leader.  They were told that the Salt Flats were off limits to all strangers, that they were trespassing and had to leave the area.  Linda conveyed that she had been compelled to come to that location by a recurring dream, and refused to leave without finding out why.  The Brigade commander communicated this by radio to someone unseen, and so a higher authority sanctioned Linda and Pita to be brought to meet whomever that was.  Pita noticed that the helmets appeared to include some sort of breathing apparatus, and speculated that the horsemen might not be able to breath normal air.  Pita and Linda were left to decide if they really wished to follow the mounted warriors into the unknown.

Meanwhile in Panguitch, good Captain Samwise and his trusty crew made their way into town, and rescued the team of doctors from their laboratory on Sub-Level 4 at Garfield Hospital.  Bruin Hilde had been promoted to Captain and was given the task of conveying the refugees further north on Route 89.  Dr. Rogers and Penelope remained in control of the Brain V Mech, while Samwise, Guns and Fred remained in the AGV.  It would take about four to six hours for the scientists to evacuate the facility with their equipment.  While they worked on that, Samwise  stationed himself in the AGV and spied out the southern front, discovering that Major Sekston had been battling the Lizardmen forces with "the Rhino", her personal Mech.  A column of tanks under the banner of the Shadow King were driving north towards Panguitch along the road from St. George.  The Western Militia had begun digging trenchworks along the south-most section of the town, and had come under heavy artillery fire.  Meanwhile it looked like Lizardman brigades were trying to outflank them along the hills to west of the town.  Sam was left deciding whether or not to bring the AGV there help Sekston fight the Lizardmen forces, or shepherd the scientists north.

And that was were we left things that night.