Professional GMing

Are you a High School or College Student (or anyone else!) who loves Role Playing Games and has fantastic story ideas rolling around in your head that you'd love to spring on your unsuspecting Players to their delight and amazement? Or are you a gainfully employed Corporate Warrior who thinks there's nothing more fun than having a pack of your favorite Players launch off on a Quest across the Galaxy to save the human race from the Reptilian Mind-Flayers of Delgon? Or are you a creative, artistic person with fabulous stories in your mind that you'd love to share with players in an interactive story-creation game? Are you a creative genius with incredible awe-inspiring Worlds to share?

Do you wish that somehow you could parlay all of this creative drive into a money making operation as well, either as supplemental income (or even possibly as a full time career)?

WE have something in common!

Yes, it is possible! I know because I have done it before. Several times in fact. I will outline here how, and try to provide you with some resources to help you do the same.

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