Friday, September 21, 2018

Elthos RPG - Meta Game - Round 4 (Cont)

These are the completed set for Round 4, including the complete Celestial Island Map as of the end of Round 4. Tonight, if all goes well, we will play Round 5. But before we begin, to help prep my players for the Dawn Age, wherein they will be creating their Races and Cultures, I will read a little bit of the introduction to Troy: An Epic Tale of Rage, Deception, and Destruction, by Ben Hubbard. This will, hopefully, help set their minds on the next range of goals... how to think about creating cultures, and what kinds of elements therein they may wish to consider. I will also, if there is time, provide a brief tidbit from Plato's Republic, Book VIII.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Elthos RPG - Meta Game - Round 4

We have completed Round 4 of the Primordial Age and these are the Celestial Island results thus far ...

With the help of my very awesome play testers we were also able to resolve one of the thorny issues that had been stabbing me in the side all along ... how to remove GM bias from the playing out of the Seeds of Destiny.  The problem was that during the regular games the GMs who play their own regions of the Shared World with their own Players would have either had an interest in seeing the Seeds of Destiny in their domains be successful, or unsuccessful (as the Elkron-Players gain a large Kismet reward for successful Seeds of Destiny in the "Outer Game").  By randomizing the Seeds of Destiny rewards to any of the Elkron that resolved the issue in a neat way that does not remove the flavor and eliminates the potential GM bias.  Voila.  Brilliant solution, my play testers.  Thank you!

I am writing up the rules and modifying them as we play to adjust according to actual experience with the game, but so far 90% of the rules remain intact and it's being a heck of a lot of fun.  Stay tuned, please.