Saturday, May 16, 2009

Further hints of progress

Well I finally got through to a lawyer! Yes! I know, it's incredible. You probably don't believe me. But nevertheless, yes, I finally got through to a laywer. The old lawyer went rogue on me. He then vanished, only to reappear to say he was sorry and to offer to give me the work he did for me in January on the house for my troubles. I said "sure!" but then he vanished without a trace again. Wow. So after waiting way to long I found another lawyer. Starting over from scratch is a drag. Believe it.

But anyway, that's good. Other news: The Elthos Tarot deck draft 1 is finished. I am reviewing the cards with some friends and then will go through a last round with the artist and finish up. Awesome. I mean they LOOK awesome!

Also the Elthos story is coming along nicely. That one will also take a long time to complete, I can see. It's an arduous process. A lot of back and forthing and whatnot with the writer. He's really great, but it's a lot of work! I should have expected that, of course. But it is coming along very nicely just the same. So that's good.

On another front, since I could not get in touch with the lawyer I spent a lot of time going over the Web Application and adding the Phase II features. It now includes an Experience Point Calculator, and Experience Gains form which lets the GM add the reasons for each experience gains within the Adventure if they want to keep track of stuff. It also features a nifty Alignment point calculator as well. Quite pleased with that as it ties into the Tarot Card system and the Elthos Elkron (Cosmic Powers). It's pretty cool I think.

Ok well that's it for the moment. Whew.