Monday, October 23, 2006

Contemplating the Tarot

One major aspect of the World of Elthos has to do with Astro-Cosmology of the deities, known as 'The Elkron'. The Elkron are divided into several groups with subgroups. There are the Celestials, and the Archetypes. The Elkron who correspond to the stars are the Celestials, of which there are twenty four. The Celestials are divided into to two groups, the 'Elder Celestials' and the 'Young Celestials'. There are also for each Tarot Card one Entity each, known as The Archetypes.

Among the Celestial Elkron there are twelve Constellation Celestials, and twelve Planetary Celestials, the inner and outer circle, who comprise the Elder and Young Elkronic Houses of the Cosmos, like the Titans and the Olympians of Greek Mythology. The Elder (Constellation) Elkron correspond to the Zodiac Signs, while the Young Generation (the childern of the Elder Elkron) correspond with the Planets. In the Universe of Elthos there are twelve Planets all together, which includes the Sun, which is counted in Elthosian Astrology (as in Earthly Astrology) as a Planet for Astrological purposes. There is one additional planet in the Elthos Universe is named Elkor, which happens to be the true home of the Elkron - a planet which in our own Universe has whispered of as "Planet X", a planet of deeply eccentric orbit and gold-flecked atmosphere, as well as a race of most ancient and powerful of Beings, who are called the Celestial Elkron. These Supernatural Beings have great powers, far beyond those of men and their peers in the World of Elthos. Yet it is not to be imagined that the Elkron have infinite powers. They are also limited. There is only one Elkron of unlimited Power and that is the Un-named Creator Elkron who is beyond all others and the Father of the Elthos Universe.

The other race of Elkron are known as 'The Archetypes', who correspond with the Tarot, however, and are specifically linked to Humanity, having been born of the Subconscious Realms of Men over the Eons, and include as their foundation a reflection of the Celestial Elkron, through whom mankind was originally crafted.
Thus the Archetypes are themselves relatively new Elkron in the Universe of Elthos.

There are twenty four Archetypes representing the twenty four elements of the Human Soul. There is a direct correspondence between the twenty four Archetypes and the twenty four Celestials, for all life of our kind is based on the same intrinsic physical, mental and spiritual Foundation, regardless of our exact origin or relative Power. Thus, Men are not really so very different from the Elkron, in some ways.

Nevertheless, to balance the Universe between Men and the Celestials the Great Spirit slowly crafted the powerful and mysterious Archetypes, who embody the spiritual attributes that map out the high and low ground of the Human Soul, leading ever onward along the path toward that final resting place, Enlightenment.

You may notice that there are 22 Major Tarot, and 24 Archetypes who correspond to the Tarot. In order to adjust the system to incorporate a full set of correspondences I have taken the liberty to add two new Tarot cards in the Major Arcana of Elthos, to make the total of twenty four Archetypes. Some may object to these liberties on the grounds that the "real" (Earthly) Tarot has only 22 Major Arcana. I respond by reminding that we are not talking about Earth, but of Elthos, which is located in a very different Universe from our own. The purposes for which the Tarot are used in Elthos require that there be twenty four. And thus, there are two new Archetypes/Tarot Cards: The Unicorn and The Dragon. These cards each Represent an Archetype who dwell within the depths and regions of the Subconscious Mind and the Id. As said, each of the twenty four has one corresponding Celestial of which it is a reflection. And to all of these are associated all of the vast array of entities within creation so that the wise might have guide posts by which to mark The Way, and lights in the sky by which to see the Depths of Truth of Elthos, and perhaps beyond.

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