Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Elthos RPG Progress Report

Elthos Development
Good news.

I have crafted the database and the class structures and designed a helpful utility that is saving me a rather enormous amount of programming and development time. So I do expect that I shall soon have a great little product to show which will work with the Elthos ODS rules hand-in-hand as a web application. It will be a no frills operation to start with, but will provide the basic set of useful functions, from rolling and storing characters to working out the attack vs. defense matrix for the players per encounter. So that’s handy stuff. Personally, I could not be more delighted with the project’s progress. I am far ahead of where I had hoped I’d be as of tonight. Of course, there’s still a long way ahead to get what I’m truly aiming for, but I’m happy to report steady progress is being made, and will tend to accelerate for me thanks to the Gen-Tool I created to give me a better shot at making my targets. Faster code, better code. Much faster. Much better. Special Thanks, David Kahn, for some really solid computer programming concepts along the way.


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