Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stay on Target ... Stay on Target...

I am steadily working toward my goal of publishing the Elthos ODS Web Application and ODS Rules book online by January. It is a lot of work, but I'm making progress and think I should be able to do it. The publication of the Web Application will include all of the Phase I features I have in mind, and even a few of the Phase II, such as, if all goes well, Object Sharing between Worlds. That is a bit of code that I am going to implement this weekend. If that goes well then I will probably publish the site without the payment system, and then add that the next week. So progress is being made in the programming department. On the other side of the shop the creative team is tooling away mightily. The Tarot Cards are coming along fantastically. And I have a very good Editor / Creative Writing Expert who is helping me to craft the first Elthos RPG Novelette. That's exciting. I hope to have that illustrated as a children's story as well. So all in all things are coming along. Slowly, but surely.

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