Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Beta Phase

A lot of hard work and six months later... I have uploaded, finally, the Elthos ODS Web Application online for the Closed Beta Testing Phase. Everything seems to be working. The Closed Beta will be for friends who I have invited to kick the tires on the application for a while, and provide bug reports and feedback. I'm also considering working with the old New York Group on a more advanced concept for the game system, which would take us between one and seven years to complete, with probability set on about two years. That's a long time. I would also have to relinquish some control over my side of the project, and to some degree a certain amount of ownership. Not necessarily crazy about that aspect, so I have to think about it. In one case I will continue to work on and improve the application over the course of this year, in the other case I will put this down for a while and work on the Advanced Aspects with the New York Group. I'll give myself a week or two to mull it over.

Anyway, I'm very excited to have the application online in any event. While not open to the public yet, I have met my goal for 2008! Very happy about that! :)

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