Sunday, June 07, 2009

Inching forward

Well, things are coming along, slowly as usual. While waiting for the lawyers to (finally) do their thing with the website EULA and Trademark search I have been busy adding Phase II features to the Elthos ODS Web Application. Here's the quickie bullet list of enhancements:

1) The Experience Gains System has been added. This allows the GM to track how much experience they granted to Player Characters and for what actions during the course of the game. It also does the calculations of experience gains for both combat and the use of skills.

2) The Alignment System has been added and integrated in with Experience Gains System.

3) The World Objects Trading System has been expanded and enhanced to include all world-specific objects including places.

4) Character Descriptions information has been enhanced and improved with Elkron determined birth-date and alignment assignments.

5) The Reports page has been rationalized and streamlined (but I'm not finished working on this yet).

6) Various subtle bugs have been squashed.

All in all I'm pleased with the progress. I am hoping to finish up and have the new version loaded soon.

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