Friday, October 23, 2009

The Perils of Game Testing

So I'm running the fourth in a series of game tests tonight. This series is to test the progression of levels for characters, and so each game they go up one level and we add their new stats, skills and whatnot. At the same time I'm using the game test to focus on the magic system. I'm also experimenting with World Weaving and Gamesmastering techniques, and infusing some ideas from my new Elthos Tarot System as well. So far so good. Oh, and I'm also using this series to test the Elthos ODS Web Application that does much of the GM grunt work for me. So it rolls characters and groups, and lets me assign properties such as skills, races, etc, and keep track of all the math for calculating Attack Levels, Armor Classes and so on. It pretty much could run the entire game if I added more code to handle some AI functions. Anyway, of course, since it's a relatively new application it has some bugs. So here I am rolling up a set of characters in a specific group, the Mordalia Gang. A bunch of goblins, a kobold thief, and an ogre, run by a beautiful mystic warrior mage in black chainmail. Woopsie, I forgot to include Hormund the Ogre. I go to roll him separately and KaPow! Application Fail! Now it won't load the debug symbols. Time is running out! And of course what do I do? I go and blog this. LOL. Ok back to work!

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