Saturday, May 04, 2013

April RPG Carnival - GMing for a Ship of Fools - Round Up

Yup! Seems like the Ship of Fools sails on many seas. And just as lopsided, tilted and lilting as everywhere else. At least we know, we're not the only ones.

As for the recap of entries... there were not as many as usual for this topic, but the entries we got were all very interesting, amusing, and informative.

Shortymonster linked us to a forum on his topic of "Keeping the Players Alive in Spite of Themselves!" ... that thread went pretty far, and a lot of great points are made.

Unknown over at AsparagusJumpsuit demonstrates how his Ship of Fools managed to turn negatives into positives in "You Can Lead Players to Water, But…" or what to do when one player tries to make himself Captain of the Ship of Fools.

The Ship of Fools
Mike at Campaign Master gave us "Refloating the Shipwreck", the most thorough analysis of Player and GM mistakes, and what to do about them, imaginable. It's incredibly thorough, comprehensive, and ... wow! Great advice!

Seth at Kobold Enterprises gave us "Dear Gods!" an example of the Ship of Fools wallowing adrift on becalmed waters.

Yosimoshe at Bleeding Scroll contributed "When Players Go Wrong...", a concise example of what happens when one player suddenly rams the Ship of Fools aground onto the rocks.

And lastly, Lowell at Age of Ravens sent along "Ship of Fools" a tale of two players who managed to make life on the Ship of Fools a lot less fun that it should have been.

And such is life when sailing on the stormy seas, amid the chaos and hell of outrageous fortune - only to be sunk without a trace to the bottom of the briny deep with the others on your Ship of Fools.

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

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