Friday, July 12, 2013

New Feature - Group Cloning

Pistachio Nut Shell Pieces, yes.  :)
Things are coming along well with the game testing, and the modifications to the Elthos Web Application are making steady, albeit museum-speed, progress.  The latest game tests were a bit disrupted by the fact that the web application can auto-generate adventure groups, and I created two groups of six fighters each for the tactical board game - however, my players, who tend to be more observant than I, noticed right away that the two groups were different.  Very different.   The Adventure Group Generator randomizes the rolling of Characters within the group.  So while you can create two Adventure Groups defined as six fighters of maximum 3rd Level, you can't get it to generate two groups that are exactly the same.  In this case, Adventure Group A was far heftier in terms of bonuses from higher Requisites than Group B.   So whoever got Group B was kinda under the gun in a big way.  I thought that was kind of cool and random.  But my players pointed out - it unbalanced the test results.   We're testing combat tactics in the board game aspect.  Ok ok!   Off to the salt mines!   So.... I needed to clone Group A.   But I have no Clone Adventure Group feature on the web app.   Correction:  I had no Clone Group Feature.  Now I do.  And it works marvelously!  :)

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