Friday, January 09, 2015

What To Do with Patreon?

I heard about from a post on the InTArWeBZ recently and decided to create my very own Patreon page.  Patreon, btw, is a very interesting concept that allows artists and creative types to put up a shingle for Patrons to sign up and help support the artist.  In my case, RPG Designer / Artist, but same thing basically, I think.  Anyway, I decided to create my page there because I'm doing a ton of work on the Elthos RPG (and related side projects), but have no income from any of it at this point. I think the quality of the work is good, and in the end I think people are going to be very happy with the results.  But in the meantime, like everyone else, I do need to pay the rent. So I thought maybe Patreon might be a way to help me sustain while I put together the entirety of my project (which is kind of vast, so it's taking a long time).   So here's my Patreon page for anyone who is interested ...

Elthos RPG Patreon Page

I wonder - what do you think I should do with this?  I'm not at all well informed as to how Patreon works, or how to get things going with it.  So, as always, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks!

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