Monday, October 12, 2015

Why Fantasy?

A response to this post ... Why Fantasy at Advanced Gaming Theory Blog

To go one step further ... we long to maintain our individuality in an age of conformity. Group-Think has left everyone trapped in a creativity neutralizing zone and we're sick of it. RPGs give us a chance to escape ... to enter the world of fantasy where we can be individuals - heroes ... if nowhere else than in our own minds. And one has to wonder ... how can we find meaning, creativity, individuality and heroism in the real world as well. I think we can learn a great deal from our RPG Fantasy experiences ... but we must apply those lessons, or they simply get lost in the miasma. I'm of the opinion that we are best off when we abandon the Group-Think, the mind-cage, and stretch our imaginations and soar on the wings of our inspiration ... as long as we don't simply stop there in the realm of fantasy ... but take the lessons learned there and carry forward and beyond into the world of reality. We need to make meaning in our lives. Fantasy has, in fact, always helped humanity to do that. RPGs are simply the latest and greatest form of the art.

(Note: my reply comment on the original poster's blog got wiped out by some glitch or other, which was highly annoying. The only thing I could salvage from a much longer (and possibly more interesting) comment is what I have above. Sometimes the Internet is just plain infuriating. /rant)

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