Friday, August 24, 2018

Elthos RPG - Dry Patch Update

Ok it's been a while since I posted here so I want to just put a quick note up to let folks following me here know that yup, yup I'm still working on Elthos and making progress (albeit back to museum speed since I got my new job).  I haven't been posting much about progress because I'm on a dry patch in terms of "oh that's interesting" stuff to say on it.  I've been busy for days updating the Core Rules Book to make it finally ... er ... well Final. 

The good thing is that I hadn't looked at it for six months and so I got a chance to read it fresh.  Up until now I've been snow blind on it and every time I read it I was like "Ok I can't read this sentence any more times... sheesh" and so I wound up skimming it and never really got a solid edit in from the "Well how does this actually read" point of view.

Now that I'm reading it fresh, I must say... wow.  It was pretty sucky!  haha!  But yeah, there's a few crucial spots where after a series of edits I had trimmed things down to the point where it was like ok I accidentally took out the key information that you'd have wanted in that spot.  Man!  So yeah, now I'm working on it and fixing it so that it's lucid enough to use as a rules book.  My overriding objective before was to Keep It As Short As Possible.  I figured a simple rules system should prove its simplicity by being as short as possible.  Which is probably true.  But ... when I started the Elthos RPG "One Die System" in 2007 it probably was among the lighter weight rules systems... but by now, nope it's not anymore.  Other people have come out with even more light weight systems.  On the other hand my goal with it was not to create "A light weight RPG" but rather to distill the former Elthos Prime System (from 1978) down to it's absolutely simplest form without losing the core mechanics.   So it's medium weight.  And no, I didn't need to make the rules book As Short As Possible.

That said, I'm still keeping it the same page count.  I'm just revising text so that the necessary information is there, and it reads nicely, and is even a little bit entertaining and hopefully useful in terms of advice on how to run the thing.

Anyway, working on it, but there's nothing much to show yet.  I'll of course let people know when the rules are actually Finito!

Thanks, and Game On! 

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