Monday, November 19, 2018

Quick Primer on the Mythos Machine

When it comes to using the Mythos Machine ... it's kind of like Lego Blocks for RPGs ... you can build whatever you want. But some people have looked at it and said "Gee gosh, where do I start?" So here's some advice.

Once you have a World go to the Characters Screen and generate a Character or two. This will show you how the Things you can create in the Things section get used by Characters.  Try adding an Armor, and a Weapon.  Take a look at how the Mythos Machine does the math and calculates the Armor Class and Attack Levels.  In the Select Armors (or any other Thing) you will notice a Edit button, and if you click that it will take you to the same Edit Armor screen you use to create and modify Armors (or whichever type of Thing you're dealing with). Notice that you can change the properties of the Things right there, and they will instantly get reflected across your entire World.  Or you can create a New Thing and it will get added as a permanent Thing for use by your Player Characters and/or NPCs.

Basically, you use the Mythos Machine to define and configure the properties of the Things you want to create so that the Mythos Machine knows how to crunch the numbers for you. So for Armor, let's say you wanted to create a new kind of "Golden Platemale" that is better than normal Platemale. You could create a new Armor, name it "Golden Platemale" and give it a Damage Absorption of 5 and an Armor Class of 6. This would be super hefty Armor indeed! For each of the Things (Weapons, Armors, Equipment, Races, Classes, etc) you can create new ones or modify existing ones.

To start out with you should get a handful of Things based on the genre of the World you created (Fantasy, or Western at the moment, but there will be many more genres added as time goes on) that you can use to just start gaming. After a while of playing you might think to yourself "You know, self, my World could use some awesome new 'Golden Platemale' (or what have you)" and you can jump in, quickly create it, and add it to your world. It would then become instantly available and integrated for use by your Players or your NPCs.

The Mythos Machine is your butler and accountant.  It lets you create any kind of world you can imagine, handles all the number crunching, and keeps your records nice and tidy for you.  I have found it invaluable for myself.  I hope others will find it the same.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Enjoy!
Click the card to go to the Mythos Machine

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