Sunday, March 17, 2019

Latest Mythos Machine Enhancement - Race Based Skills and Powers

Character Races - Enhancement

GMs now have the ability to associate both Skills and / or Mystic Powers to Races. To do so GMs can create Skill or Mystic Power Books for specified Races, and then associate those books to the Races they wish. Once done those Books will automatically assign the Race-Skills and / or Race-Powers to the Character when the Character Class is changed by the Player or GM, as well as when the Characters are Auto-Generated in the Generate Adventure Group Form.

In the Character Race and Character Class Screens you will also see the list of Skills and / or Mystic Powers that come with any Books that are associate to the Race or Class as you've defined them. You can associate the Books to more than one Race or Class.

So, for example, let's say you want all Undead to have not only certain Weapons and Armors (such as undead flesh, or or whatever you think appropriate) but you can also add Undead Skills and Mystic Powers as well. So you would create a Skill Book named, perhaps, "Undead Skills", and add whatever Skills you've created for this purpose, such as, perhaps, "Night Stalking" or "Barrier Bashing". And let's say you want all undead to also have a specific set of Mystic Powers for your world, such as "Chilling Gaze", or whatever. So you would create a Mystic Power Book called, for example, "Undead Powers", and add "Chilling Gaze" to the Book along with whatever other Powers you want. Lastly, for both, you use the Additional Item Options to associate the Books to whatever Undead Races you want (let's say only Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls get this set, but you have a different set in mind for Vampires, and their ilk).

All of which provides a much greater level of freedom for GMs to create the Worlds they want and configure them in any way they see fit.

- Thanks to Chris Donovan for yet another brilliant recommendation!

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