Monday, April 22, 2019

The Rays of Un-Life

The Rays of Un-Life

I stumbled on an article about how our forefathers interpreted vision. They had it the exact opposite of what we now know to be true... which is that light enters the eye and forms an image in the brain. But formerly, the Emission Theory of Vision held sway.

The next day I happened to run into an artist friend of mine. She showed me a work of art she drew of a series of skulls. Each one had dark radial beams emanating from its eyes. Hmmmm...
The Deathly Artwork

This gave me an idea.

Introducing Elthos Skeletons with Un-Life Rays

Skeletons, the creatures, are Undead. Those that are ritually enhanced Undead emit Unlife Rays from their eyes. To create this the Necromancer that animates the dead must perform the Unlife ceremony and inscribe the Runes of Unlife on the skull.

Unlife rays, depending on their strength (Level) can cause 1) unease, 2) fear, 3) paralysis, 4) insanity, 5) curse, or 6) death. These rays drain Mystic Power from the living at a rate of 1 MP per minute if not countered by mystical protection. Such skulls can only be destroyed by Remove Curse, which if successful turns the skull to ashes.

Un-Life Rays can be deflected by a pure Silver Mirror.

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