Monday, December 02, 2019

WoAF - No Spoilers - How About The Elthos Project Instead

Ah, so I was thinking about how to present the story of my players as they adventure through my brand new "The Way of All Flesh World". However, as I was about to launch into one of a number of possible ways to present the material to the public, I realized... woah - wait. If I tell the story that my Players experience during our Play Test, I'm going to inadvertently create Spoilers for future GMs and their Players who might want to purchase and download the game through the Mythos Machine, or even via the PDF that I plan to put up on DriveThruRPG (though, honestly, if you have a choice, get the one through the Mythos Machine - it's computer interactivity will make you very happy).

So... in this case, I've come to the conclusion that I really shouldn't publish the story as we play it out. Yes, I know on my blog I have some absolutely spectacular write-ups of previous games in the Elthos World, such as the Hagglesmith Adventures, the Insect Wars, the Yellow Clay Village Adventures, and the Harrows of Whitewode.

Elthos RPG Play Test Stories (2009 - 2013)

BUT, none of those were ever intended to be packed up in the Mythos Machine and sold as Worlds. The Way of All Flesh, however, is. So I don't want to spoil things for the future GMs and their Players who may want to enjoy it's many twists and turns unencumbered by spoilers. So, I will not be publishing our Play Test as such.

Instead, I plan to ramble on about The Elthos Project in general, and other related topics over the next few months. I also plan to expand my set of Podcasts, and incrementally try to improve my Podcasting style. Right now, they are really quite rough. I'm working on the format, the musical backdrop, my tone, and other aspects as I evolve a Podcast Show which I hope people will enjoy. Once I work out the kinks, of course. So right now, they are merely experimental forays into the domain I want to learn about, rather than polished shows. So keep that in mind please. At any rate, here's my latest ramble about the Elthos Project.

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