Friday, September 18, 2020

WoAF - Game Session 11

It was just about dawn when the great battle ended with a massive blast of electro-magnetic energy. Our heroes took account of the damage to the AGV and it was massive.  The EMP took out all of the electronics, as expected, but the AGV has a mechanical override mode that allows them to burn readily available fuel and perform most of its essential functions.  The computers were all down, their circuits fried beyond any hope of repair.  But it moved, though only at 10mph.  On the other hand the turret could be crank turned and the machine gun worked.  It's a rough ride, but moving around in a tank has its advantages, even if it's slow.  They set about making whatever repairs were necessary.  Their android, Lexi, was equally fried beyond all hope of repair.

As he was surveying the damage to the hull Samwise spotted four horsemen on the horizon heading their way.  They were coming from the direction of the town of Page to the North.  Southward the storm could still be seen curling and churning out over the desert, flashing lightning and whipping up dust devils.

The horsemen arrived and announced themselves as the Golden Crusaders of Christ Lion, and they were out to slay the Beast of Shadows.  They carried golden swords and shields with religious insignia.  Sam, Pita, and Linda followed them into the desert to witness the battle, and help if they could.  Down into a dark canyon they rode, and almost immediately the battle was engaged.  The Shadow Beast was difficult to see, and leapt wildly over their heads and between the rocks.  The Golden Crusaders were overpowered by the creature, and were badly mauled before it escaped into the mouth of a cave set in the canyon wall.  One of the Crusaders was mortally stung by the scorpion's tail.  Another mauled from above with massive claws.  Another bitten and mauled.  The last, their leader, evaded being seriously wounded, his skill being that much greater than the others. The horses had all been viciously slain.  The golden swords, extremely heavy as Pita found out, appeared to damage the creature, but Pita and Linda's guns had no effect on it whatsoever.  After the battle, the heroes helped the Crusaders back to the AGV, carrying one on a makeshift litter.

They had a brief talk, and then the leader walked back to Page to fetch a priest from the village to help with his wounded.  The priest was elderly, but robust, and quite blunt about his views, to the point of being rude, but a good healer, and came with more horses. The Crusaders made their way back to Page.  While the heroes of Kitt Peak completed their repairs.  Enough so that the AGV could move.

They drove to Page, found the Church of Christ Latter Day Saints, and met with the Leader of the Crusaders once more.  They did not prevail upon him to provide much insight, though they did find out that the Priesthood were Christian Naturalists, and that there might be gasoline at the old derelict airport on the east side of town.  The Leader offered them horses, of which they apparently had enough to spare, but the heroes declined the offer, preferring the security of their roving fortress instead, cranky and rattling as it was.

Not wishing to waste any time at all, they went to the airport, found a old fuel tank and siphoned what little gas was there at the bottom.  It was a lucky find and enough to get them on their way.  As soon as they got the gasoline they decided to immediately head back down south to the Mech Base, about 80 miles, and salvage whatever components they could from the Mechs.  The trip was long, noisy, dusty, bumpy and hot, but eventually they found themselves at the base.  They dismantled both Mechs and used the components to re-establish their communications.  Linda sent a status report to Federation Command via ULF.  Hopefully they would receive it.

Some in the party wanted to return to Kitt Peak and abandon the mission as without the AGV's full capacity it would be a very hard slog up to Salt Lake.  But the Captain, not deterred, decided to press forward regardless. 

They left off at that point, and we called it a night.

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