Saturday, March 18, 2023

WoAF - Interlude - King Top Mountain Inscription

Dark cavern Nexus, River Styx runs through, 
its icy waters memories erase forever. 
In dread silence the three evil races endlessly scheme.

Styx runs over the edge down into the fathomless deep, 
Tartarus awaits below, 
the Elder Elkron in thrall, 
dreaming eternity.

Lord of the Lamasu, 
golden and shining, 
in pride and arrogance stole one chain. 
Transfigured to madness, 
destroying innocence.

World of men; agony despair. 
Young Elkron bound 
the Shadow King with Angainor; 
twice a thousand years, 
then awoken to rage.

Nexus Cavern still the border of three evil races, 
River Styx still flows to the depths of darkness; 
Elder Gods still yearning for release.

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