Elthos Reviews & Interviews

As Reviews & Interviews come in I will be posting them here, good, bad, right or wrong, here we go...


Most Recent Review by Eric Diaz (January 30, 2023):
First Independent Unsolicited Review by Mark Knights (September 13, 2015):
Second Independent Review by Krendel (August 15, 2016):
Third Independent Review by Phil Viverito (November 4, 2019):
Interview by by Aaryan Balu of World Building Magazine (June 1, 2020):
Reviews from the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine Forum:
Elthos Core Rules Review by Doc Shaw on DTRPG:


Notable Quotes

"Elthos is way cooler and more professional than I imagined. This is a huge accomplishment."

- Mike Dibaggio, 2019

"Ok, I have reached the meat of Elthos, and it is meaty indeed. In concept our own @vb Wyrde has returned to the well and deeply. The matrix based resolution suggested here points back to the ur game, the common ancestor that unifies D&D, Chainmail, and Warhammer, back to Kriegspiel.

If I take nothing else away from this, this book is worth just for reading and thinking about your game, about task resolution odds, and the iron dice rolling. Also, a modular and customizable skill system that you can plug into existing OD&D, B/X, and AD&D contexts.

I'm impressed."

- Doc Shaw, 2022