Selected Readings

These are a series of selected readings of classic and vintage works of literature.  I wish to experiment with intonation and this primarily from my point of view as a GamesMaster who wishes to run more literary style games in the future.  Setting the intonation and style of the GamesMaster will be one aspect of Improvisational Game Theater that will prove essential for it's success, I believe.  There are early experiments in the art of intonation and improvisational reading.  I hope you enjoy them.

(December 11, 2006 ~2 min)

The Sphinx at Gizeh
(April 9, 2015 ~3 min)

The Watch Tower
(April 9, 2015 ~7 min)

The Wolves
(June 1, 2015 ~3 min)

The Turnip Princess
(June 1, 2015 ~3 min)

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David Gonzales said...

Thank you! I enjoy watching it!