Friday, September 29, 2006

Good News - Final Draft of ODS

OK. Last night I made the final edits on the Elthos ODS Rules. I removed, as David (my friend, computer guru, and part-time advisor) suggested, all references to the more advanced concepts such as the Cosmological Map and the Alignment System. These can be released later on and should not be part of the Core Rules which are, by my own definition, to include only those rules which are required to run the RPG. These include character creation, skills, movement, combat, magic, equipment including weapons & armor, and that's about it. With these rules you can run a very tight RPG. There is a page of supplimental rules also included, and some printable sheets for characters, and blank hex and grid maps. There's also a very brief World Weaver's and Gamesmaster's Guide. It's as tight as I can make it and I think it came out pretty darn good, actually. I will pass this through a review process and then get ready to publish. A supplimental volume which will be a Scenario Module for the ODS is also intended which I plan to work on tonight and tomorrow. I have the adventure materials. They simply need to be converted to the ODS and drawn up in a document. Should not be too hard (har har - I always say that). Anyway, the Rules having been completed I am ready to publish them. But I won't.

I want to finish the web application that runs the core functions of the rules first so that both will be introduced at the same time. I've given myself until Jan 1, 2007 to finish the website (Phase I version). I hope it will NOT take that long! Ha! I always say that. And it always takes longer! But maybe not this time! Hehe.

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