Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lets all sing: "It's a cruel world after all... "

Regarding: Re: Tricky, Nasty, Low-Down, Stinking Dungeon Traps!

My post conjures even more Tricky, Nasty, Low-Down, Stinking Dungeon Traps, it does.

* The Fishing Lure Trap: The Party sees a girl floating in the middle of a circular chamber bound and and foot upside down. It's a trap. Touch the girl and the room fills with knockout gas, the floor opens to a pit, or the hand that touches her sticks to the girl (magic) as she gets reeled in up through a hole in the ceiling. Ice fishing anyone?

* The Troll Feast: It is dark out, and there's a light on a hill not far away in a lonely desolate region. The Party moves toward the light, but get bagged by three Trolls. Yummy! Thanks JR! :)

* The Spirit Trap: A Spectre wants a soul to suck. He uses greed as a lure. There is a dungeon with a beautiful statue of a young girl standing next to a tree which represents a dryad from mythology. The statue is made of fine ivory. It is beautifully done. The specter hovers in the shadows waiting. When a person comes and admires the statue, if they touch it the statue poisons them, paralyzing the person. The Spectre then comes for its feast.

The concept of these traps is based on the idea of fishing and snaring traps that humans use to catch animals. Now for animals that trap other animals.

* The Spider Snare: The Party finds a wicker chest full of fresh food on a table in the middle of a room. If they open the basket lid the trap is sprung. A cobweb sticky net falls on them from the ceiling. It is a spider trap.

* The Trap Door Trap: The Party is loping along through the woods on their way to the Dungeon. They spot a strange pebble mound next to the path. They approach. Suddenly the trap door opens and a huge hairy spider leaps out, grabs a character, lurches back into the trap and slams the lid shut! Bye.

* The Camouflage Trap: A certain monster is polymorphed as a tree branch. When the Party moves below it, the monster drops on the lone straggling character. Food good.

I think these provide sufficient examples for the concept. The idea is that monsters (even purely animal ones) can set traps for humans. Well, when you have worlds with Trolls and Mind Flayers, shouldn't you expect it to be a dangerous world? hehe. My question is, under those circumstances, how would humans have evolved differently? I would think humans would compensate with a greater ability to sense danger, detect traps, avoid traps, etc. Or are humans in such a world more like fish. Part of the food chain, sorry.

Hmmmm... yummy?

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