Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Errors, Bugs & Final Polishing

Ok Ok! So there were a few bugs that needed to be squashed, and that's to be expected. And of course there were a few minor issues with usability, but nothing too serious. And of course I wanted to make the look and feel a little nicer around the edges. So... I'm almost there. But not quite. Still some polishing to be done, and I'm going through the application page by page starting with a New User, creating a New World, and then proceeding methodically through each page in the application to make sure everything is ship-shape, all the numbers tie, and all the fuctions work as smoothly as possible. There'a lot there, so it's something of a large and tedious job, actually. But no matter. It must be done, and I must do it.

Overall, the application is working exceedingly well. But I'm a perfectionist and I hate to release something that has any flaws. So I'll fine-tooth-comb this for a little while longer. A week? Maybe. A month? Could be.

And then I will load it online.

But then what?

That's the question of the year for Elthos RPG.

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