Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Creativity Machine

My Beta Testing is proving very positive. So far I've only run into a few very minor bugs with the Elthos RPG Web Application, and other than those, no difficulties to speak of. The application is now finally starting to come alive in my hands. The Creativity Machine is now on, and functioning as designed. I'm still, of course, tooling around with her, making improvements as I go. Which I must say, is so much fun, it's difficult to 'splain you. Let it suffice to say, it's a great joy to me. I've always wanted this utility, and now that I have it I couldn't be happier. You see, there's a lot of times when I'll be driving along, or sitting at a restaurant, or some other such, when suddenly something will occur to me ... something amazing... something that I feel really must find a home in my World. And for years and years these ideas might at best get jotted down on a napkin, or bit of paper, and shuffled into a notebook, if lucky. But the organization of my World's details really has always maintained itself primarily in my head. And I've been pretty lucky to remember quite a lot of the adventures, and wrote very good notes along the way. But still, what it means, naturally, is that my World's wonderful history is subject to mismanagement, loss, and error over time. Whatever *did* happen to that magic ring, anyway? ... etc? This sort of question, finally, I will now be able to answer, even many many years in the future when I would normally have forgotten completely. That's one thing that I like about the Web Application.
Another thing I like is that it handles all that rotten no good grunt work that always slowed me down, and quite often got me into trouble. Elthos, meet Jeeves. He's your new ultra-butler. He won't forget (if you don't forget to tell him) anything, and he'll keep quite good notes for you. He has no problem crunching the numbers and doing the heavily lifting for you. And he takes great pride in keep things neat and tidy. No more shall important matters be lost or forgotten. No more shall numeric errors creep secretly into the game and befoul our enjoyment with pernicious Facts. It's so annoying! But *sigh*, thank goodness, that is done with from now on.

I started the Web Application in 2006, and now, it is finally ready. Well ok so that took a while. Especially if I take into account the fact that I started the rule system in 1978, and started the programming of the system in 1994. But nevertheless, I can be proud of this achievement. It is my work of art. And luckily for me it's just the sort of art that I can keep on improving as I go.

Anyway, for those interested, who caught wind of what I'm working on here, and want to participate, I'm looking for a small group of of beta testers. I've send out some select invitations to specific groups I'm associated with, but it's a first come first serve moment and so if you read this and would want to beta test there are a few slots open. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to beta test at: vbwyrde @

It's late and I should get some sleep. I've been burning the log at both ends for the past six months to get this out by New Years...

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vbwyrde said...

The drawing of the Crab-Witch is one that was made for me by my dear and darling Basia-Almost-The-Brave, a perfectly wonderful artist! You can visit her site on deviantart by clicking on the image.