Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Updates On The Way

Since I'm now actually using the web application to run my own game I'm finding all kinds of little things that I want to add to make life easier and better. I just added, for example, two new things. One is the revised Skill Learning System. The other is a check box on the Characters page that shows the Experience Gains for the Character as a list, including what the event was, when in the world it took place, who played the character at that time, and how much experience was gained for the event. It's pretty nice.

Slowly it's evolving into a form that I'm finding more and more useful. I'm pretty pleased with the progress being made. And the game testing is coming along really very nicely. We don't have a game this week, but we have one next week.

In the meantime I'm also strategizing on how to increase participation in the LRPGSW and the Westchester D&D groups. I have a couple of ideas, and think I will get about trying them soon.

So things are moving along, despite all that the crazy old world may do. :)

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