Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stabilizing On the New Platform

Things are working out well with the web application. It is currently stabilized as I have switched over to StateServer, rather than InProc (well, that does work on my dev machine, and I didn't have any issues with it on the first Hosting Service, but still, StateServer is better in any case). So that's good news for the Web Application. However, I am still getting intermittent errors with objects vanishing. So that suggests that the problem with the session is not truly solved. But I do notice the site is working better, and the loss of objects seems much less frequent. So ... what can I say. It's a step in the right direction.

In the meantime, the play testing is coming along well, the world is growing by leaps and bounds, and I'm having a good time with it. So that all counts for a lot.

In other new I decided to foot the bill for having the face cards created for the Elthos Tarot Deck so that I can have it published as an actual deck. At first it will probably be used on the site in some manner, but afterwards as I get feedback and work on that system, I will post the cards for physical publication. Most likely through U.S. Games, Inc.

And so, all is well. Progress is being made. And that is good.


Monica said...

That's really cool that your planning on having the deck printed. I can't wait!

vbwyrde said...

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I can't wait either. The face cards are going to look pretty cool too. I already spoke with US Games, Inc, and though I have two unique cards as part of my deck they don't foresee any problem with publishing them. Perty exciting. But first I want to work on the system itself so when I publish the cards I can provide a booklet on how I recommend using them for the game. I leave it to astrology geniuses to decide how applicable they may be to readings and such, but I suspect at least some people will find them quite interesting. I did a lot of research and noodling around over seven years on the design of the correspondences, so the cards inner symbolism ties into astrology, jungian archetypal mysticism, and links to the I-Ching at some level as well. I think one could make a pretty interesting study of the symbolism. I didn't make any of it up, but drew from many sources to derive what I think is a pretty coherent system. Well, good enough for running Elthos, that's fo shizzle.

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