Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Celestial Island Map

This is the final version of the Celestial Island Map back-face card for the Elthos RPG Tarot Deck.

I can not begin to tell you how thrilled I am at how nicely the deck came out.  Thank you Jason Moser for a really incredible job on the artwork for the deck!

The Celestial Island Map shows the relationships between the various Elkron of Elthos (the Celestial Deities, or Greater Powers, or Inner World Beings, Archetypes, etc).  There are 12 Constellations (the Outer Circle) that correspond to the Titans, who were overthrown by their children, the Young Elkron, who correspond to the Olympians (the Inner Circle), in the Wars of the Elkron at the dawn of the 2nd Age.  This Map also shows the Alignment pattern, as well as the Elemental configuration upon which the Elkron have built the Elthos Universe.

While it may look reasonably obvious at first glance, it actually took quite a bit of research and reflection to come up with the final configuration of the Celestial Map.  I hope that it will prove suitable over time, and thus far it has panned out quite well for me.

In case you're wondering, I use the Celestial Map, with it's Elkronic Correspondences (a separate table in which I relate a large variety of objects such as trees, minerals, metals, colors, animals, etc., to the various Elkron), to help me guide and maintain the Inner World Landscape of Elthos.  It is an amazing resource in so far as I no longer get lost among the Deities and their correspondences, and now everything in relation to the Elkron retains a consistency and meaningfulness that helps to give Elthos a more reliable, and comprehensible metaphysics.  It also allows me to perform a number of Gamesmastering operations that relate to things in my World such as the relative power levels of the Elkron at any given time, prophesies, omens, and the like.   While I am still in the process of creating new uses for the Elthos Tarot, I have settled on a few that so far have made my GMing life a lot nicer.  Now, when the Player Characters see a Golden Eagle flying North West, it actually does have a meaning.  And that meaning actually does make sense within the context of the metaphysics of the World.  At some point I will be writing up a book on the Elthos Tarot Deck, and it's uses in the context of the Elthos World.   But in the meantime, I just wanted to share the Back-Face card because it just came in today and I think it really does look fabulous!   Thanks again to Jason for a truly wonderful job!

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