Sunday, September 29, 2019

My First Podcast - Thoughts On Murder Hobos

Ok, always one to jump on the bandwagon long after it has left the station, here we go with my very first Podcast! It's my first try, so it's definitely rough around the edges, but I'm excited to have gotten through the process of setting up shop and getting one out. It wasn't as hard as I expected! Ok. It runs about 14 minutes and it's no frills, no ads, and no pleas for support or anything ... I just jump in with two feet and talk off the top of my head. I hope it works, and provides some food for thought on a contentious subject in the world of RPGs.

Some thoughts on Murder Hobos, why it might happen, and what GMs might be able to do about it. Enjoy.


vbwyrde said...

I think the important thing about creating the right setup for the players is to provide enough information in the first session to give them a general idea of what they can expect. The tone, the nature of the world, and some examples of cultural phenomenon should be sufficient to let them know if its the kind of game they'd enjoy or not... at least roughly. That's ideal. In the real world however, Worlds actually tend to be somewhat fluid, and as they are often as much a product of improvisation as they are careful and studied consideration in advance, it's not generally the case that you can know very far in advance exactly how a world is going to turn out, or even what style of play will wind up dominating the game. For example, if you start out with a high minded medieval romance, but your players bounce in with gonzo preferences, then your world may shift towards the gonzo after all. It depends. World building is up to the GM / Author. But World Play is a different matter, and is a collaborative effort. So the GM can and should make a good effort to establish the mood, and nature of the world... but flexibility during the course of the game is also required, at least to some degree.

David Gonzales said...

This is great!