Monday, April 13, 2020

Mythos Machine - New Sci-Fi Proto-World

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After a super flurry of updates, enhancements and bug fixes, I got through my rather long CrimsonScorpion Feedback List, and was then ready to get to what he had asked for originally.

Introducing the new Sci-Fi Proto World in the Mythos Machine!

This world is based on my current Campaign, titled "The Way of All Flesh". It's an Epic Scale Cosmic Sci-Fi / Space Opera exploring the conflict between High Technology and Nature. The story takes place within the context of ancient histories, and the dreadful potential of a future General Artificial Intelligence gone horribly, and exponentially, wrong.

This game is designed as an Adventure Seed, presenting a lead-in to games which the GM is expected to modify and expand upon throughout the course of play. You can play the Campaign and Adventures as is, or you can modify them, add your own, or simply use it as a basis for an entirely new World of your own creation. Feel free!

In each Proto-World you will find a Campaign or two, and a number of Adventures to get you started, along with the gear, races, classes skills, and powers that are germane to the World. There are also notes along the way that allude to the direction things may take in the World to help inspire the GM with ideas of their own. Be creative, take chances, have a great time!

Good luck and enjoy!

To get started just go to ... get a free copy of the Essential Rules Book via a link off the Information Page, and give that a go. When you feel reasonably comfortable with the rules then hop on to Settings and Make yourself a GM. Everyone gets a 1 FULL Year Free Trail period! After that it's a totally affordable $3 / month for Basic GM. Anyway, once you are a GM then go to the Worlds Page and click the "Create A New World" button. You'll get a choice of one of 4 Proto-Worlds by Genre. Fantasy, Bushido, Wild West and now Sci-FI!

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

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